Our Head Coach, Trenton Moss knows an awful lot about the agency world. He ran his own agency, Webcredible, for 15 years before it was acquired and he exited. Our whole team has held leadership positions in agencies, so we really understand agency life.

Free taster workshop

Do clients ever behave in a way that you don’t like? Then join us for a free workshop over Zoom, ‘Dealing with negative behaviour’ on 18th or 19th October 2022.

Our free sessions are really popular so we’re running two of them to accommodate everyone. Request your invite today.

The taster session is free, you'll learn something new and you'll get a feel for how the programme works. We typically have 100+ agency/consultancy leaders attend. So you'll be in good company and will meet people facing similar challenges to you.

What your teams will learn


Inspire your clients everyday

Influence, persuade and show true leadership to clients, selling in your work to stakeholders at all levels


Make clients & teammates feel like heroes

Bring out the very best in everyone around you, working seamlessly together to achieve amazing outcomes


Develop a powerful mindset

Feel unstoppable and take responsibility for your deliverables and client relationships in a way you’ve never done before

You'll start seeing increased client happiness, improved staff retention and radically different behaviour within your teams. As you do, you’ll honestly be wondering how your teams ever got client work done before. Oh, and you’ll likely appreciate your increased pitch success and client retention rates.

How does it work?

We deliver people skills training over Zoom every 2 weeks to everyone that interacts with clients (practitioners, account managers, agency leaders etc.). We also provide leadership coaching to your senior agency team.

You should sign up to the programme if you’ve got 40+ team members; any fewer and we’ll put you on a public programme with other agencies.

“It’s been really beneficial. I’d recommend Team Sterka to any company looking to transform the way its teams lead and communicate.”
James Leavesley
Managing Director at Torchbox
“We've learnt all about ourselves and each other, and established life skills to achieve great outcomes for the business.”
Andy Burton
CEO at Tryzens
“Team Sterka has empowered the team with new skills they are using every day. We've seen great results.”
Zsuzsanna Recsey
CEO at Standing on Giants
“Team Sterka has created a way of learning I've never seen before. It's incredibly engaging and our team are enjoying it and improving.”
Dan Gent
Director & Founder at Lighthouse

You may have a few questions...

Who should enrol on the programme?

Anyone in your agency that interacts with clients – agency leaders, practitioners, account managers, delivery managers, sales people etc. Basically everyone except marketing, finance and operations.

How many people should we enrol?

You’ll need 40+ people to get going with a private programme. If you have 10-39 people then you can join the public programme (i.e. with teams from other businesses). We don’t take bookings for <10 people.

What are we committing to?

The programme runs in 3-month chunks and you pay every 3 months upfront. There’s no contract so you’re free to leave any time. The full programme is 9 months, with an option to extend to 12 months.

What are the programme dates?

Training and coaching run on the same day and time every other week. You can choose your preferred day of the week and start date. For public programmes, we allocate the programme dates.

How do you track programme success?

We track confidence against key learning outcomes with regular surveys. We can also help you with indirect measures around staff retention, client happiness, capacity increases and wellbeing.

Can the curriculum be customised?

We adjust all examples and exercises so they’re relevant to your teams’ day-to-day activities. Each module builds on the last one, so large-scale customisation is difficult.

How do you deliver the programme?

We’ve designed everything from the ground-up to be delivered remotely for either remote or hybrid teams. We can make minor adjustments to also deliver sessions in-person.

Do we get access to your frameworks?

We have a number of industry-leading frameworks. During the programme, you get on-demand access to these (plus updates free-of-charge) to help you implement your new skills day-to-day.

Do you do online courses or e-learning?

We don’t, sorry. We’re strong believers in the power of classroom training (delivered IRL or over Zoom) so you can interact and innovate with each other. Peer learning should account for half of what you learn.

Do you do one-off training or coaching engagements?

The majority of our work is running our core curriculum. That said, we do quite a few one-off engagements. Get in touch to tell us what problem you’re trying to solve and we’ll let you know if we can help.

I’d like training and/or coaching for myself - do you do courses for individuals?

We don’t offer this at the moment but may launch a programme in the future that anyone can join. Sign up to our mailing list (you’ll also get our free 5-part email skills programme) to keep up-to-date on this.

How much does the programme cost?

Pricing depends on your team size and a couple of other variables. Get in touch and after a quick chat we can give you a quote. Our programmes are up to 60% lower cost than standard industry pricing for training and coaching.

Get in touch

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We’d love to hear from you! Let us know what you need and we’ll get right back to you.

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