What is coaching?

Coaching is a process that unlocks people’s potential to maximise their performance. Coachees attend 1-to-1 sessions with us to discuss and resolve their toughest challenges.

As certified leadership coaches, we use advanced coaching techniques to reframe challenges, transform thinking and create major breakthroughs.

Coaching is different to mentoring (giving advice based on experience) and counselling (recognising and analysing problems). We don’t teach coachees; instead we get you to learn.

Get coaching™ framework

We follow our unique Get Coaching™ process, designed to drive through long-lasting change. We take coachees through 3 stages over the course of 9-10 sessions:



Discussing and resolving urgent and immediate challenges to maximise performance.


Defining the destination

Defining what truly fulfils you and plotting a future perfect destination.


Plotting a path

Creating actions to keep you focused on your destination, on-purpose and fulfilled.

How coaching works

We run 1-to-1 coaching sessions with your senior team (and rising stars):

  • Take full ownership – We facilitate coachees to describe challenges/ideas and come to the best conclusions themselves (we don’t teach or provide answers)
  • Reframe challenges – We get coachees to take full ownership of difficult situations and personal blockers, reframing challenges so they seem solvable
  • Set & achieve goals – We work with coachees to define future-perfect outcomes, and the goals to achieve these, in a safe and judgement-free environment

Creating behaviour transformation

Leadership coaching is a key component of our People Skills as a Service® programme. Coaching helps senior team members drive through learnings into their teams day-to-day (we need key people to lead by example to achieve long-lasting transformation).

Bite-sized training

A one-hour interactive session every 2 weeks, for your entire team. Focus on one skill per session, with lots of practice and group work.

Leadership coaching

One-to-one support for senior team and rising stars. Non-judgemental sessions with a coach help you solve challenges and lead by example.

Embedding skills

Building momentum with accountability, access to learning resources, and regular conversations about what everyone's learning.

Our People Skills as a Service® programme increases quality and velocity of team output, frees up the time of your senior team and boosts morale and loyalty across teams.

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