Fun and immersive sessions

Invite us to your next team day or just book a workshop anytime you like. We deliver our interactive workshops to large and small groups – in-person, remote or hybrid.

Super-interactive and high-energy

Our workshops are interactive from start to finish. Strictly no lectures and no slides. Learn from each other and the ideas you generate.

A team experience to remember

This is team-learning in action. Work in small groups in a safe environment so everyone achieves the target learning outcomes.

Expert content taught by experts

We share our industry-leading frameworks and transfer the skills that we teach in our bestselling book, Human Powered.

Workshop topics

Use one of our standalone workshop topics or mix and match to achieve different learning outcomes.

Conflict resolution for win-win outcomes

Our PLEASE framework gives you all the practical tools you need to resolve conflict. Achieve win-win outcomes that everyone buys into and make stakeholders love solving problems with you.

Next time someone disagrees with you, you'll show empathy and steer the conversation to a solution that works for both of you.

Effective communications with everyone you meet

Get introduced to the 4 communication styles so you can build rapport with anyone. Recognise everyone’s dominant style so you accept them and know how to speak to them.

Next time you’re struggling to connect with someone, you’ll adjust the way you communicate to create a strong relationship.

Building resilience & wellbeing

We’ll get your team bouncing back from difficult situations. Reframe what happened so you’re no longer the victim. Begin to see all experiences as a gift and a learning opportunity.

Next time you experience a setback, you’ll have the tools to deal with it and move forwards more positively.

Amazing presentations

Get the full lowdown on our RRR-SSS framework to land your message and fully achieve the outcome you want. Influence and persuade stakeholders at all levels with ease.

Next time you deliver a presentation, you’ll land your key messages so stakeholders buy-in to what you're saying.

Really successful meetings

Use our READY framework so people emotionally commit to your meetings and workshops. Lead and drive outcomes that everyone buys into and which actually happen.

Next time you run a meeting, everyone will know why they're there, be excited to attend and actively want to take part.

Engaging & influencing with storytelling

Our DRAMA framework shows you how to create stories for every occasion. You’ll tell stories in an engaging way, getting stakeholders to buy-in to your deliverables and suggestions.

Next time you need sign-off from stakeholders, you’ll explain what you’ve done in a way that excites and inspires them.

Thinking strategically

We’ll get you thinking in a big-picture way to steer others in the right direction. We’ll introduce techniques to get you looking beyond the detail and the way things have always been done.

Next time you discuss a problem, you'll focus on bigger-picture solutions that help everyone achieve their goals.

Managing priorities

We’ll help you achieve maximum productivity within the standard working day. Define techniques to be adaptable, manage time and prioritise. Deliver on-time and to-budget.

Next time you have a bunch of competing priorities, you'll know where to start and how to keep on top of things.

Engaging writing skills

We’ll do a deepdive into our ABCD framework so you write with flare and ease. Use written comms only when appropriate and do so succinctly and with clarity.

Next time you send out written comms, you’ll know the outcome you want and you’ll be far more likely to get it.

Growing your coaching skills

Bring coaching techniques into your day-to-day interactions and empower everyone you work with. Stop teaching other people and start helping them to learn for themselves.

Next time someone is trying to solve a problem, you’ll facilitate them working it out themselves, without telling them what to do.

Finding your leadership style

Understand the 6 core leadership styles and when you should lean on each one. Define your own unique leadership style based on your personal strengths and how you like to be with others.

Next time you’re showing leadership to others, you’ll have confidence in how you communicate to get the best outcome.

Getting the best out of people

We’ll show how to motivate people around short-term activities and long-term objectives. Using positive psychology principles, you’ll boost confidence levels of everyone around you.

Next time someone is sharing a challenge with you, you'll help them reframe the situation as an opportunity.

Sound good? Tell us what problems you’re looking to solve with the workshop, what behaviour change you’re hoping for and what success looks like. We’ll do the rest.

“We've learnt all about ourselves and each other, and established life skills to achieve great outcomes for the business.”
Andy Burton
CEO at Tryzens
“The sessions were really engaging and rewarding. Our teams have reduced friction and improved productivity.”
Caspar Below
Head of Digital at Shelter UK
“Team Sterka has created a way of learning I've never seen before. It's incredibly engaging and our team are enjoying it and improving.”
Dan Gent
Director & Founder at Lighthouse

You may have a few questions...

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We’ve got a team day - can you join?

We’d love to! Our workshops are ideal for a morning or afternoon session. With everyone there, you go on the learning journey together.

Do you do remote? In-person? Hybrid?

Yes, yes and yes. Our workshops are inclusive and an equal experience for everyone, regardless of how they join.

Do you tailor the content?

Yes, always. We can focus on one topic or mix-and-match. Either way, we tailor the narrative so it feels super-relevant to everyone.

How long do workshops last for?

Our workshops typically last for 2-3 hours. We find this is the ideal duration to teach a full topic whilst retaining everyone’s attention.

I can’t find what I’m after. Can you help?

We probably can! Get in touch to tell us what problems you’re looking to solve. We’ll work out how we can best help.

How much do your workshops cost?

Pricing depends on your team size and a couple of other variables. Get in touch and after a quick chat we can give you a quote.

Get in touch

Get in touch with Trenton, our Head Coach

We’d love to hear from you! Let us know what you need and we’ll get right back to you.

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