Access to learning resources

We share all our industry-leading frameworks with you (which underpin a lot of the training). Your teams get on-demand access to these and we give updates free-of-charge.

We also provide video summaries for all the training sessions. This is a great way to remind people what they’ve learnt and for people that couldn’t make it to catch up.

Keeping the conversation alive

Our regular comms between training sessions cross-pollinate learnings across the entire team.

We provide regular challenges, quizzes, learning workbooks and follow-up messages as we continually engage with your teams to:

  • Remind everyone of key learning outcomes
  • Encourage them to put these learnings into action
  • Share people’s learnings, behaviour changes and successes with the group

Ongoing support & accountability

Everyone going through our programme gets put into a working group. Group members support and hold each other to account over agreed actions and homework between training sessions.

We also keep in regular contact with people in leadership roles (many of whom we’ll be coaching), supporting them to embed everyone’s new skills into their day-to-day jobs.

Creating behaviour transformation

We build momentum between training and coaching sessions, bringing about long-lasting behaviour change. This is all part of our People Skills as a Service® programme.

Bite-sized training

A one-hour interactive session every 2 weeks, for your entire team. Focus on one skill per session, with lots of practice and group work.

Leadership coaching

One-to-one support for senior team and rising stars. Non-judgemental sessions with a coach help you solve challenges and lead by example.

Embedding skills

Building momentum with accountability, access to learning resources, and regular conversations about what everyone's learning.

Our People Skills as a Service® programme increases quality and velocity of team output, frees up the time of your senior team and boosts morale and loyalty across teams.

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