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Trenton Moss

Team Sterka was created by Leadership Coach, Trenton Moss .

Trenton is a qualified executive coach and a former Samaritan (where he provided face-to-face and telephone counselling). He previously set up, scaled and then exited (after a successful acquisition) one of the UK’s leading product design and research agencies, Webcredible. He then went on to create Team Sterka.

During his 15 years as Webcredible CEO, Trenton trained, coached and worked with cross-functional teams within some of the UK’s leading brands, helping them become high performing teams.

“What a guy. I (and many around me) owe so much to Trenton for the encouragement he gives us. Always has a finger on the pulse, knows what people need and is able to develop innovative ways to deliver. A fantastic mentor.”
“I’ve learnt so much from Trenton. Thanks to his continuous encouragement I have grown in both confidence and ability. The position of coach and mentor is second nature to him. I’m certain he has no idea of the impact he has on teammates.”
“Trenton is a born leader and mentor, he’s inspiring but also brings practical advice. He has coached everyone in pitching, presentation skills, writing skills and much more. I am very grateful to have attended the 'Trenton school of consulting'.”
Jo White

Jo White

Jo White is a Leadership Coach and Partner at Team Sterka. She’s on a mission to help businesses foster cultures where honesty and clear communication result in happier teams and improved performance.

Having led a number of high-profile marketing agencies, Jo has worked alongside leading brands from a range of sectors. She has an impressive track record of developing high-performing teams.

“I have great respect for Jo. She is an excellent communicator, competently inspiring many diverse people to work together and achieve their best.”
“Jo is a fantastic person to work for. She made me better, not just in fulfilling the tasks I had to do, but also in my management of other people.”
“Jo will bring clarity, thinking, leadership, energy and action to whoever’s lucky enough to work with her.”

Andy Ingle

Andy Ingle is a Leadership Coach & Partner here at Team Sterka, inspiring everyone around him to be the best versions of themselves.

Over the past 20 years, he’s sat on multiple leadership teams. He’s run training and coaching programmes to help drive through cultural and behaviour change. And he’s worked with some of the UK’s most well-known brands, leading teams to drive through transformational change.

Andy helped grow the agency, Webcredible, and was a key member of the leadership team that enabled its sale to Inviqa.

“Andy is extremely encouraging, always gives me the confidence to do great work and inspires me to push out of my comfort zone.”
“Genuinely capable and passionate, Andy is someone you'd want leading your team. He regularly challenges me and I’ve learnt many new things along the way.“
“Andy has a fantastic ability to get on with everyone, whilst subtly challenging and encouraging us all. He's made a huge impression on our team.“

What’s in a name?

Sterka is based on the Icelandic word for strong, ‘sterkur’.

Icelandic people are descendants of the Vikings, a group that successfully raided many other countries. They divided up into small teams to quickly overwhelm their opponents, something that was unheard of at the time.

At Team Sterka we’re all about creating strong, high-performing teams.

What we're all about

The working world would be a better and happier place if we all improved our skills in leadership, emotional intelligence and resilience.

We want to transform the way people work in teams, helping your business succeed in a way you’ve never done before. Imagine… no more stakeholder politics, no more petty disputes, no more grievances.

There’s a better way of us all working together, and it will make everyone happier and increase business performance… and it’s within your grasp.

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