Real interactions all the way

We run our workshops with large groups – all classroom-based (delivered remotely over Zoom), where you get to interact and innovate with each other.

This is team-learning in action – half of what you learn will be from each other and the ideas you generate together (the other half is from us).

And with your whole team involved, you’ll all be going on the learning journey together.

High-energy & super-interactive

We teach all the best practices from our industry-leading frameworks. You’ll practice and learn from each other in a safe environment.

Our workshops are interactive from start to finish. Lots of practice, group work, live demos, interactive polls and group chat – all based on the challenges you face day-to-day as a client-facing business. Strictly no lectures and no slides.

Read about the techniques we use to make our workshops high-energy and super-interactive, even when delivered remotely.

Ongoing bite-sized learning

Our shorter learning sessions result in a 22% improvement in information retention and make the transfer of learning 17% more efficient (really?). And with regular sessions, you get long-lasting behaviour change.


Workshops every 2 weeks

We run our 1-hour workshops bi-weekly at the same time, deep-diving on one key skill during each module.


Continually building up skills

Each workshop builds on previous learnings, helping to embed new skills into everyone’s jobs day-to-day.


Using new skills at work

We encourage everyone to test drive their new skills day-to-day and we review how it all went each session.

We engage with your teams a lot in between workshops. We support people in practising their new skills and keep the momentum going.

Creating behaviour transformation

Workshops are a core component of our People Skills as a Service® programme, bringing about long-lasting behaviour change.

Short workshops

A one-hour interactive session every 2 weeks, for your entire team. Focus on one skill per session, with lots of practice and group work.

Leadership coaching

One-to-one monthly coaching sessions for your senior team. Learn about yourself, view challenges in new ways and lead by example.

Embedding skills

Building momentum with accountability, access to learning resources, and regular conversations about what everyone's learning.

Our People Skills as a Service® programme will supercharge your teams with client leadership skills. Increase client revenue by up to 35% and team skills by 47%.

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    A Dresden University study found that shorter learning sessions result in a 22% improvement in retention of information. A separate Journal of Applied Psychology study concluded that microlearning makes the transfer of learning 17% more efficient. Both results were reported in a Skills Hub report.