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By Trenton Moss

Get Coaching™ is our proprietary process. It unlocks people’s potential to maximise their professional (and personal) performance.

Your senior team (and rising stars) discuss and resolve their toughest challenges with a leadership coach. During the 1-to-1 sessions, our coaches champion them to achieve more, get fulfilment and feel unstoppable.

Download the Get Coaching™ framework (PDF)

What happens in a Get Coaching™ session?

We use advanced coaching techniques to reframe challenges, transform thinking and create breakthroughs. The Get Coaching™ process spans 9-11 sessions, and each session has 5 stages:

  1. Get going
    We catch up on how you’ve been progressing against your agreed actions. We also collaborative plan to define your ideal outcome for our time together.
  2. Get exploring
    We dissect your challenges so you start thinking about them in ways you haven’t done before. We champion you unconditionally, using advanced techniques to reframe the challenge in new ways. We’ll usually get exploring with you for around half the session.
  3. Get envisioning
    We coach you to define the future-perfect state, based on how you’ve reframed your challenges. Again, we use advanced coaching techniques so you envisage something that fills you with excitement.
  4. Get planning
    We ideate with you on how to start the journey to your future-perfect state. You’re likely going to be quite animated at this stage so coming up with ideas isn’t too difficult! We’ll agree on actions and accountability for what you’ll do next.
  5. Get present
    You’ll get a huge amount from each of our Get Coaching™ sessions… but they are intense. We always spend the last few minutes reflecting on progress and what you’ve achieved.

Coaching is different from mentoring (giving advice based on experience) and counselling (recognising and analysing problems). We don’t teach coachees; instead, we get them to learn.

We reframe challenges, transform thinking and create major breakthroughs

3 stages of the Get Coaching™ process

Get Coaching™ takes you through a 3-part journey, over 6-10 sessions (during as many months). By the end, people find themselves achieving more, getting fulfilment and feeling unstoppable:

1. Fire-fighting

We build up our relationship by focusing on relatively urgent and immediate challenges.

You’ll get a feel for how coaching works and how to use it to overcome your priority challenges. And your coach gets to learn about you as a person and how best to champion you.

2. Defining the destination

Solving day-to-day challenges is fine… but plotting a longer-term future perfect destination is far more exciting.

We explore what truly fulfils you, defining who you are when reaching your full potential. Coaching sessions during this stage can be genuinely exhilarating.

3. Plotting a path

We co-create actions to keep you: (a) focused on your destination; (b) on-purpose and fulfilled; and (c) using your core strengths to get you there.

We also do some intense work for you to recognise how you might be self-sabotaging. You’ll need to recognise when you get in the way of reaching your future-perfect destination.

You'll find yourself achieving more, getting fulfilment and feeling unstoppable

Where does Get Coaching™ come from?

Get Coaching™ takes its influences from globally recognised coaching models:

  • Co-Active – We’re big believers in Co-Active’s philosophy of ‘dancing in the moment’ and focusing on the whole person. We allow coachees to first of all ‘be’ before they work out what they’d like to ‘do’.
  • OSKAR – People tend to find outcomes more inspiring and easier to work with, compared to goals (contrary to the GROW model). Get Coaching™ also makes use of scaling and affirmation, two core components of OSKAR.
  • Gestalt – Get exploring is the core part of the Get Coaching™ sessions. During this, we focus on the here and now, and what’s happened to get here. We find this is the best way for coachees to naturally open up new opportunities.
  • Solution-focused – We look at solutions when segueing people from exploring to envisioning.

A qualified and certified leadership coach should always deliver a Get Coaching™ programme.

Get Coaching™ takes its influences from globally recognised coaching models

Let’s Get Coaching™

Get Coaching™ unconditionally champions you to achieve more, get fulfilment and feel unstoppable. If you’ve haven’t experienced coaching before, reach out to your network to speak with people that have. It can have a really powerful impact.

Download the Get Coaching™ framework (PDF)

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