Why do our amazing presentations workshop?

Everyone has an opportunity cost of attending your meeting. They’re giving up their time and mental energy to be there.

Next time you run a meeting, everyone will understand why they’re attending, be excited about being there and actively want to take part.

You generally need to get other people onboard to help you achieve your goals. Running really successful meetings can make this happen.

What your team will learn

We’ll customise the workshop based on what problems you’re looking to solve. The main outcomes often include learning how to:

  • Get emotional commitment to your meetings before they even start
  • Lead the meeting room and successfully drive everyone to your target outcome
  • Manage difficult participants
  • Increase the chances of agreed actions happening

Fun and immersive workshop

Invite us to your next team day or just book our successful meetings workshop anytime you like. We deliver our interactive workshops to large and small groups – in-person, remote or hybrid.

Super-interactive and high-energy

Our workshops are interactive from start to finish. Strictly no lectures and no slides. Learn from each other and the ideas you generate.

A team experience to remember

This is team-learning in action. Work in small groups in a safe environment so everyone achieves the target learning outcomes.

Expert content taught by experts

We share our industry-leading frameworks and transfer the skills that we teach in our bestselling book, Human Powered.

Book now

Tell us the problem you want to solve with the workshop, the behaviour change you’d like to see and what success looks like. We’ll do the rest.

“We've learnt all about ourselves and each other, and established life skills to achieve great outcomes for the business.”
Andy Burton
CEO at Tryzens
“The sessions were really engaging and rewarding. Our teams have reduced friction and improved productivity.”
Caspar Below
Head of Digital at Shelter UK
“Team Sterka has created a way of learning I've never seen before. It's incredibly engaging and our team are enjoying it and improving.”
Dan Gent
Director & Founder at Lighthouse

You may have a few questions...

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We’ve got a team day - can you join?

We’d love to! Our workshops are ideal for a morning or afternoon session. With everyone there, you go on the learning journey together.

Do you do remote? In-person? Hybrid?

Yes, yes and yes. Our workshops are inclusive and an equal experience for everyone, regardless of how they join.

Do you tailor the content?

Yes, always. We can focus on one topic or mix-and-match. Either way, we tailor the narrative so it feels super-relevant to everyone.

How long do workshops last for?

Our workshops typically last for 2-3 hours. We find this is the ideal duration to teach a full topic whilst retaining everyone’s attention.

I can’t find what I’m after. Can you help?

We probably can! Get in touch to tell us what problems you’re looking to solve. We’ll work out how we can best help.

How much do your workshops cost?

Pricing depends on your team size and a couple of other variables. Get in touch and after a quick chat we can give you a quote.

Get in touch

Get in touch with Trenton, our Head Coach

We’d love to hear from you! Let us know what you need and we’ll get right back to you.

People skills ++

Team Sterka will help you supercharge your people skills and emotional intelligence

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