Trenton Moss

By Trenton Moss

Congratulations on completing your Team Sterka programme!

But what now? Well, you might want to show off your knowledge of people skills. And what better way to do this than to add your certificate of completion to your LinkedIn profile.

Add your certificate to your profile

1. At the top of your LinkedIn profile, select ‘Add section’:

Image of LinkedIn showing Add section

2. Choose ‘Licenses & certifications’:

Image of LinkedIn showing Licenses & certifications

3. In the ‘Name’ field, enter ‘People skills programme’:

LinkedIn showing Name field

4. In the ‘Issuing organisation’ field, type and select ‘Team Sterka’:

LinkedIn showing issuing organisation field

5. In the ‘Issuing date’ field, choose the month and year that you received your certificate. Select the ‘This credential does not expire’ option:

Issuing date on LinkedIn

6. In the ‘Credential URL’ field, copy and paste the certificate link from the email you received from us:

Team Sterka credential URL field on LinkedIn

7. Press ‘Save’. Everyone can now view your Team Sterka credentials on your LinkedIn page:

Team Sterka certificate on LinkedIn

Share your certificate on LinkedIn

You may also want to tell everyone about what you’ve achieved. To do so:

  1. Download your certificate using the link provided in the email from us.
  2. Go to the LinkedIn homepage, and select ‘Photo’ from the ‘Start a post’ area.
  3. Navigate to the image you downloaded in step 1, then select ‘Done’.
  4. Add any commentary you like! Be sure to include the #PeopleSkills and #TeamSterka hashtags.
  5. Hit ‘Post’ and your certificate and comment will appear in your feed!

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